“Bianca's classes have an attention to anatomy and physiology that I've never witnessed in a dance class before. She ensures that her dancers are safe, caring for their bodies, and will meet them wherever they are in their personal journey. I always leaver her class feeling more graceful and relaxed.”

Erin F.

“...this course could go beyond just ballet teachers and could be for ALL or any teachers trying to get adult students into class and to build a dance community for adult dancers- not just ballet.”

Andrés Salazar

“This class is a phenomenal combination of psychology and course development. The curriculum teaches the necessary skills to safely work with adults that are following their dreams to start ballet. Bianca presents tactics to understanding the adult brain. She does this in a way that is educational, functional and FUN! I found myself thinking of other areas of life where the psychology could be applied beyond teaching beginning adult ballet dancers. The material is designed to explore concepts and then reinforce material with group and individual activities. You will find yourself challenged, engaged, and looking forward to the next upcoming topics. One of the unique things that is taught during this class is how to create a growing community. It prepares the teacher to create an environment where everyone can be the dancer they dreamed to be.”

Karina Morales

“A must have course for anyone who is currently teaching adult dancers or is looking to begin teaching adult dancers. The course offers important and informative information, for alignment and safe dancing for all adults! One of my favorite highlights from this course is diving into the psychology of why adults want to take dance and how to make it obtainable, fun and inclusive! ”

Sara Coan

“It took months for me to get the courage to actually attend a class in person. I couldn’t imagine how would I ever feel comfortable enough to even enter the space! Only in this special, safe, inclusive and welcoming space could I try to begin. Bianca Lily Ballet defies all stereotypes of what it means to dance ballet -- as an adult, or with a maturing body. All sizes, shapes, and hues are welcome. Bianca Lily Ballet challenges, maybe even defies, all societal limitations of who gets to dance and who doesn’t -- and when! She allows each of us to explore and discover a movement treasure chest. She is one of less than a handful of studios that is consciously inclusive and compassionate, and is committed to the unique psychological needs and aspirations of adult learning. I am grateful.”

Brenda (Lola) Rodriguez

“Bianca's teacher training course is AMAZING! Filled with invaluable insights and presented with impeccable clarity, even as a seasoned adult ballet teacher I found every moment of the course engaging and enlightening!  ”

Romy Keegan

“Bianca provides an environment of inclusivity, safe learning, and the ability to grow in your dancing. Bianca helped me to return to ballet after many years, and was able to guide me in the reduction of injuries. Bianca also facilitates an in depth environment for adult beginners, which is not always present at other studios. If you’re looking to return to dance, or want to learn as an adult, this is the place for you.”

Cynthia W.

Course Outline

  • Meet the Adult Dancer & Key Terms

  • Dance Psychology for the Adult Learner

  • Preparing the Adult Body for Movement

  • Structuring Your Classes, Courses & Combinations

  • Safe Dance Technique

  • Hints, Tips, and Expert Guidance

Learn how to build a better ballet experience!