Course Participation Levels & Rates

Choose from the following:

  • Audit the Course

    $249 Enroll

    Get the first 5 weeks of online Thinkific course materials (videos, graphics, and homework.) No Zoom calls. While you can list on your resume that you audited this course, you cannot claim to be certified or "Bianca Lily Ballet trained."

    PREREQUISITES: None. This level is appropriate to teachers of various movement modalities and even adult ballet students.

  • Full Access

    $495 Apply

    5 weeks of Thinkific course material AND weekly live training via Zoom that will include activities as well as Q & A. Be able to put on your resume that you took this course! This level is also open to those who teach other forms of dance/movement modalities and want to apply our principles to adult instruction.

    PREREQUISITES: Qualify by one or more of the following:

    - You already own a studio or teach ballet or another movement modality in a studio/program.

    - You were/are a professional dancer.

    - You trained to a significant level in a professional track program and perhaps danced in a student/apprentice company.

    - You have engaged in long term and detailed training as an adult student and can provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher.

    To apply for this level, please fill out our application found here.

  • Full Access + Certification*

    $695 Apply

    6 weeks of Thinkific course material and weekly live training via Zoom, including access to Bianca's lesson plans. At the end of the course you will have 8 months to submit a video of yourself teaching an adult beginning class to Bianca and get feedback. (You can also arrange a live session.) Based on your examination submission you get a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Merit. You'll also have the opportunity to resubmit to earn a Merit based on her feedback if you did not get that mark on the first go. Then advertise yourself as Bianca Lily Ballet Certified!

    PREREQUISITES: Same as the Full Access Level.

    Note that while this course will help teachers of various movement modalities, there is an expectation that those who want to teach ballet already know ballet to a sufficient degree to teach this complex art form. There are a lot of ways to demonstrate this capacity: footage of you performing or doing barre and center work, a resume of professional experience, letters of recommendation, etc.

    To apply for this level, please fill out our application found here.

    *If you are located in the greater Albuquerque area an agreement to acknowledge Bianca Lily Ballet may be required.

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